What is a LeMans shelf?

Over the years kitchen storage solutions have become more and more inventive.

One such innovation is the LeMans pull out corner shelves.

But what are these and why are they named after a motor race?

What is a LeMans shelf?

These are kitchen shelves designed to fit into a blind corner cabinet (ie one where you can’t get to the furthest part of it).

The shelves (called trays) fit the full width and depth of the cabinet, so part of them are “hidden” in the corner of the cupboard. There are usually two to four LeMans trays stacked in each cabinet.

When you pull each shelf out it cleverly swivels around the corner and allows you to access the full shelf and all the items on it.

The LeMans solution was developed by Kesseböhmer, kitchen storage specialists, and won the internationally renowned Red Dot design award in when it was launched in 2004.

Why are they called “LeMans”?

The shelves are specially shaped to allow them to swing out around the corner of the cabinet. The most efficient shape for this is reminiscent of the Le Mans motor racing circuit, hence the shelves are named after it. 


Le Mans

Benefits of LeMans corner shelves

LeMans trays aren’t the only option for dealing with corner cabinets, but they are a good one. They are relatively low cost compared to some alternatives (such as ‘magic corners’) and can hold up to 25kg in weight.

The only real disadvantage is that you have to pull each shelf out yourself, so it’s not a fully automatic system.

Could a LeMans corner unit increase your kitchen storage?

If your kitchen isn’t well-designed you could be losing out on helpful storage space.

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