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Adding Smart Technology into Your New Kitchen

We are in the age of the highest technology, everything around us is tech-related. And as someone creating a new space, you might want to consider the possibilities of adding smart technology into your new kitchen.  Hello Alexa!  Most households have an Alexa or voice assist technology. They are great for music we all know, […]

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kitchen storage sheraton modern installation

The best storage ideas for a new kitchen

Planning for your new kitchen can be stressful. There are so many things to consider, but hopefully, if you are reading this, you are past the colour schemes and on to looking for the best storage ideas for a new kitchen. We are going to run you through some of the best and nifty ways […]

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Moda dark pine modern bedroom

5 Storage Tips For Your New Bedroom

Most of us have a lot of stuff when it comes to our bedroom, clothes, hobbies, pillows and duvets, the list is endless with the number of things we have all accumulated. And often finding the right storage is a mission. But, if you are renovating you have the opportunity to wipe the slate completely […]

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Fitted Calypso Selter Bathrooms

Our Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Guide

Renovating any new space can be daunting, let alone one you use daily. A bathroom is a room for relaxation and it can be scary to think about the amount of things that will be going on during a renovation. That’s why it’s best to do it in steps, break it down and follow Our […]

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Broadstyle Ivory modern kitchen sussex

Finding the perfect kitchen layout for you

You have the perfect interior design and even the colour scheme down to a T, but do you have the initial layout of your kitchen sorted? Here are some essential parts to consider when finding the perfect kitchen layout for you.  Think about your space… Seems stupidly obvious right? But, really take a minute and […]

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Creating Your Dream Bedroom

Your bedroom is your space, it’s the place where you retreat after a long day, the place where you can shut the door and just breathe. But, if you are looking at your bedroom and it’s not filling you with peace and happiness, you’re doing it wrong. So, let’s help you with creating your dream […]

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kitchen showroom in Haywards Heath

Modern Or Traditional Kitchen Styling?

You’re on the hunt for the perfect new kitchen but you are stuck on which design to go for – do you want modern or traditional kitchen styling? There are many benefits to both modern and traditional kitchens. Modern gives you that fresh up to date feeling, and traditional often gives you that perfect cosy […]

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traditional bathroom design double sink

Five Tips When Installing a New Bathroom

If you’ve decided on a new bathroom we have five tips when installing a new bathroom just to get you started on your inspirational journey. Plus to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible.   1. Modern or Traditional If you have a set theme in mind already then that makes the […]

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Still Want That Office At Home?

There are so many people still working from home. A lot have now gone back into the office for part of the week but there are still a large number of people who WFH for a some of the working week. Find out how we can help you

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