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All our fitters have high quality plumbing skills and certification as this is the basis of any installation, with there always being plumbing work to carry out, whether it is for a kitchen or bathroom installation.

plumbingAt Cannadines, we always fit easy to get at isolation valves on all taps and valves and we replace plumbing pipes where necessary rather than fit new equipment to old pipes. This is asking for trouble after an installation if existing plumbing is not replaced and sealed; it is also where many plumbers will cut corners.

Heating is also an issue, with bathrooms perhaps requiring a new radiator or heated towel rail, which may need the central heating system drained to do this. People will quite often overlook heating their kitchen when looking at new designs, but you must always ensure your kitchen is adequately heated as this is one of the rooms you spend most of your time in. Likewise with bathrooms, you never want to step out of a warm bath or shower to a cold bathroom! Alongside the building work, we will ensure all plumbing work is carried out effectively, with necessary underfloor pipework channelling undertaken at the appropriate time.

Underfloor heating is always a really nice option in either a kitchen or bathroom and we will have advised you accordingly and agreed a plan before we start the project.

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