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After conducting the site survey in your home, we return to our showroom in Uckfield and begin to put together ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

This normally starts with putting the exact room layout into our CAD system, which ultimately provides a picture of your new room from the floor up.

The computer system allows us to create this to near photo-like finish, giving you a superb view of what the finished room will look like.

We may call you while doing this to get an update on your ideas, to ask questions, and gain a little more knowledge on the style you are thinking of.

We individually price the building work, electrical work, main equipment and break down the steps of the labour to give you a clear pricing structure.

We’ll include any costs for plastering, plumbing, gas installation and if you have asked for it, decorating and the flooring you have chosen.

Once we’ve completed this stage we then invite you to our showroom in Uckfield to present you with your new designs.

We’ll go through the equipment that has been suggested, the units chosen, and the plans to show your new room from different aspects.

This then gives you opportunity to make any adjustments you would like to make, from upgrading a piece of equipment to changing the colour or design.

We’ll make any adjustments necessary and then give you the cost of the entire ¬†project.

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