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At Cannadines, we firmly believe that making the most of the space you have got is vital and even the smallest of kitchens can have accessories built in that will save a lot of space and also prevent clutter within your kitchen. Here are some of the space saving ideas for kitchens that we can implement into your kitchen design:

Le Mans and Vario out corner solution

A great way to utilise a waste of space in the corner of your kitchen. Having one of these is great in a smaller kitchen, but also really useful to tuck away those big bulky items that you may not always use.

You may not use them very often, but they will always be easily accessible!

Recycle Bin

This will fit neatly within one of your base units. It means that waste and recycling can be separated out, without having to keep going out to your external bins.

A really great space saving idea, with a practical use. More and more is now being recycled and this means that you can carry this out easily within your kitchen rather than having to keep taking it outside.

Pull out larder units

Our pull out larder units are rapidly becoming more and more popular. Food is normally always stored in a pull out cupboard, to avoid products being put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.
Here you will always be able to see easily what you have in your kitchen and all will be easy to lay your hands on.

usb-socketPop upĀ  electrical socket and USB

A discreet way of putting extra electrical sockets in to your kitchen and with the many electrical items requiring USB fittings, this gadget covers all the bases. When items are plugged in it sits flush in the work top and has a small hinged cover that moves up to allow the cables to protrude.

Internal cutlery drawer

Our internal cutlery drawers are exactly that! They sit inside a deeper drawer that may not be utilising all of it’s space, also leaning to a more sleek finish without lots of little drawers showing below your worktops.
This means your kitchen will have smooth finishes and give the illusion of less cupboards and drawers, yet still keeping optimal storage.

Wine rack

These wine racks are always really popular! It’s great to be able to store your wine or spirits flat, making more of the space, but to also hide them away in a cupboard is a great idea!

Many years have been spent leaving them on show and even though we can still offer this option, being able to tuck bottles away in a neat and tidy location, even with perhaps a lock on them make a great idea, especially if you have young children in the house.

Built in wired racks means less cleaning as well!

Various Under sink and inside unit waste bins

We can fit many different types of under sink waste bins, depending on the size of your cupboard and the position within your kitchen.

Please chat to us about your options.

Linero Midway Rail set

A nifty idea to ensure items and utensils within the kitchen are not necessarily sitting on the worktops. Many of our customers like sleek lines and even though this set is still visible, your eye will be drawn all the full length of the worktop, ensuring it gives a clean look.

And you can store whatever you want on it!

Wicker storage baskets

For the more traditional kitchen we can fit a series of wicker baskets in to one of the base units. This gives extra space for vegetables and really gives your kitchen a warm country feel.

Pan Drawer accessories

We have many in drawer accessories to keep your pans, pan lids, plates, cups and whatever you want to keep neat, sitting comfortably, without moving and getting messy or worse still broken! Many kitchen will use drawers rather than cupboards for saucepans and with all the different sizes you can buy on the market today, ranging from large woks to small milk pans, it is a great idea to separate your drawers into compartments that will store your specific pans in a good order. You also won’t get the huge clinking sound when you open your pan drawer!

Oak Dovetail drawer boxes

These have been designed to use in any pull out drawer, for neatness of storage and separation of different jars, pots and china items. Drawers seem to be popular in kitchens as you can see easily where you have stored everything, so these drawer boxes will keep what you are storing neat and tidy!

150 Drawer Pull Out

A superb solution for those small spaces that every kitchen has. The 150mm pull out unit can store spices and bottles easily and there is an option to have a double tea towel holder instead of the top shelf. A place for everything!

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