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buildingIf your proposed plans involve building works from creating an en suite in an existing bedroom, or removal of supporting walls to create a new open plan kitchen and dining room, then we have the team just in place to undertake this building work.

If needed, we will install steels for extra support and make good the ceilings and floors as if the wall was never there. This is always very exciting work to undertake and we love a challenge!

However the mess can sometimes get customers down, so we aim to keep your home as tidy as possible during this messy stage, cleaning up after ourselves as much as possible, protecting the rest of your home and always tidying and cleaning at the end of each day.

We will try and keep all main facilities running for as long as possible so there is least disruption as possible for your ongoing project! This is obviously important for kitchen and bathroom usage and whilst we know the will be a time when you may not be able to use your kitchen sink or oven, we will do our best to keep the time to a real minimum, so you don’t have to be too disorganised!

When dealing with the building work, we take into account the electrics, gas, plumbing and ultimately the plastering, working around all this at perhaps similar times to ensure efficiency and least upheaval.

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